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Welcome, Earthlings

Hey hey—

Welcome to the first blog post on my site! Oh, good gawd.

I’ve long wavered on putting my claws to the keyboard in a first-person, hello-world-it’s-me kind of way, but I think it’s about time to cool it with the dramatics. I suppose it’s because I’m generally pompous about other people’s writing (do I deserve to be? Absolutely not.) that I haven’t posted my musings to the internet. It feels like the past 10 or so years have been dominated by any ol’ hack with a Starbucks WiFi connection posting their OOTDs. Girls from college sharing click-baity Odyssey “articles” (poor Homer, BTW), DIY blogs with egregious spelling errors, and the OG Tumblr ramblings—it’s all too much!!! Oh, and there’s that looming panic over nothing on the internet ever. Dying.

Sigh. All this to say...I haven't wanted to be one of those people. Have I now set myself up for brutal scrutiny? Perhaps. Have I completely missed the blog gold rush? Definitely. But I didn’t get a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from a second-tier university for nothing!! Well, ideally, I’d have a creatively fulfilling 9-5 that leaves the rest of my time for rewatching The Office and Clorox wiping my bedroom, but I digress.

What will I cover in said blog? If I had to guess (which might be as good as yours), it’ll likely be an unhealthy mix of DIY, home decor, beauty, and anything else that tickles. I honestly can’t freakin’ wait. Can I curse on my blog? Probably not… what with the aforementioned internet living forever and such. IDK! Lmk in the comments. Will there be a comments function? No idea. I’d have to add that widget. Maybe I’ll do that now.



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