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Hello! I'm Caroline.


Some things of note: I let all dogs lick my face, I love a good street furniture find, I'm a staunch advocate for the Oxford comma, and I subscribe to the no-commercials-premium-luxury Hulu. I let my family use it too, because I'm charitable like that. 

My professional experience is in digital and print media: writing, editing, prop styling, market research, and video production. I work most frequently on home and lifestyle edit, from the fun stuff like holiday gift guides and trending decor, to the un-fun stuff like cleaning every part of a house (i.e. the hairball in your tub drain that makes you dry heave just thinking about it). I’ve tested and pitched far too many things (like sweater de-fuzzers and powdered mushroom “coffee"), I've been the hands (and face!) of many DIY videos, and I keep my finger firmly on the SEO pulse. 


When I'm not working, I'm likely to be found DIYing a new piece of furniture (or restoring an old one), taking portrait-mode photos of my dog, or watching hours of vintage RHONY. 

Shoot me a line on my contact page, and I might just check my email. 

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